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Winning Your Confidence


hartoum,  Sudan
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Vision: To be a leading figure in the pharmaceutical trade.

Mission: “Winning our partner’s confidence by professional work and commitment to quality.” 

¤ Maximize shareholder’s return on investment
¤ Vast integrated distribution network of pharmaceutical products
¤ Obtain and retain ultimate customer loyalty

Values: fast: / fa:st / a. firm, fixed, firmly attached

Fast is firmly devoted to its values:-
¤ Commitment to service excellence
¤ Customer Care
¤ Quality culture
¤ Integrity and honesty
¤ Determination
¤ Team Work
¤ Investment in human capital

Motto: “Winning Your Confidence”

Fast International is dedicated to providing our partners both present and potential with the best business relationship. A healthy working relationship stems from mutual trust, work ethics and commitment to quality service.

Our core values are based on respect for people, integrity and customer care. At Fast International we believe our most valuable asset is our human capital. By implementing our Continuous Training Program (CTP) we consider ourselves pioneers in increasing and maintaining our employee’s skills and knowledge by conducting regular training sessions and workshops.  
A Brief History

Fast International was established in 1991 as a branch of the National Inspection and Survey Office which was established in early 1982 in Port Sudan to work in the field of shipping, transport, custom clearance and to follow up the activities of international insurance companies working in Port Sudan such as Lloyd’s Company.
Fast International moved to Khartoum, the capital, in the same year to start new activities in the capital, this expanded mainly due to Fast International’s longstanding relationship with non-government organizations (NGO’s) and other agencies.

Chairman: Dr. Tarig Mohy Aldin
Vice Chairman:
Captain Yassir Mohy Aldin
Dr. Osama Mohy Aldin
Dr. Shihab Mohy Aldin
Mr. Ammar Mohy Aldin

Number of Employees 95 

Business Areas:

Pharmaceutical Division
Our major field of business is undoubtedly the import of pharmaceuticals. The Pharmaceutical Division was established in 1993 under the management of Dr. Tarig Mohy Aldin, Chairman of the Board and General Manager. The Fast International board of directors allocated a separate budget for this project amounting to the sum of USD 700,000. Today the Pharmaceutical Division has a budget of approximately USD 3.5 million.Initially, the pharmaceutical division commenced with the distribution of drugs produced by Hikma Pharmaceuticals of Jordan and disposable syringes from the Medical Jordanian Corporation (MJC).

In 1998 alone, Fast International imported 6% of pharmaceuticals expended by the private sector. In keeping with our pioneer spirit, Fast International was the only private company to implement distribution channels in remote areas. Fast International’s outstation offices serve to cope with the nature of Sudan’s vastness as towns are spread all over the country far distances from the capital.  

Furthermore, branch offices were established in Port Sudan, Medani and Kassala to facilitate payment and delivery. These new additions of course not only assure our customers the best quality service and customer care but also reflect positively on our sales. As a result Fast International maintains a vast integrated distribution network of pharmacy products. 

Preparations are underway to inaugurate new branch offices in El-Obeid a large regional town located in the western edge of Sudan, with a high population density and valuable location.

In addition, with the advent of peace in the Sudan, a branch office in the southern city of Juba, the largest in the south will be established shortly.

Transport and Clearance 
Since its establishment, Fast International has been undertaking transportation and custom clearance which were formerly managed by the National Inspection and Survey Office of Port Sudan. 

In 1994 Fast International transported approximately 50% of relief items for NGO’s like UNICEF, Sudanese Red Crescent and the Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA). As a result Fast International has acquired a reputation as a company with firm relations among transport companies. 

Agricultural Division  
Established in 1994, the agricultural division deals with the provision of different agricultural needs ranging from seeds to fertilizers and pesticides. These items are imported from Jordan to cater for the local market. 
This division participates in all tenders supplying pioneer agricultural schemes in the Sudan. Most recently Fast International acquired spraying aircraft as part of expansion in the agricultural domain. 

Medical Equipment Division

With Fast Internationals growing expertise in the pharmaceutical field, it was inevitable to expand into the area of medical equipment and instruments. Fast's strong ties with key doctors whether in private clinics or medical institutes helped in realizing this division. 
With the advent of peace, Sudan's healthcare systems are undergoing a massive overhaul, with primary health care improving at national levels. There is a definite transition from humanitarian assistance to institutionalized development structures and systems that are sustainable as well as increasing capacity building to insure that skills, attitudes and tools can foster these health care reforms.

Fast International deals with and has current accounts (Local and Foreign) with the following banks:
§ Saudi Sudanese Bank (Center Station Branch)
§ Elneilen Bank (Main Branch) 
Fast International streamlines pharmaceutical distribution for fast reliable service throughout Sudan. Only twelve years ago, Fast International Corporation began distribution of pharmaceuticals from Hikma of Jordan. At that time, it was our goal to organize a concrete network to distribute pharmaceuticals safely and efficiently throughout the country, we have achieved our goal and today Fast International reaches the length and breadth of Sudan. Our imports during 2004 amounted to USD 5.5 million.

Broad– Based Service and Supply

Now Fast International’s name is associated with a reputation for unmatched services.  

Assurance by Computer

Towards our goal, we have installed a modern computer system throughout giving our clients two distinct advantages, first ordering, invoicing and dispatch are quick and simple. Secondly and most importantly computerized warehousing assures that the products move efficiently through the pipeline for longest shelf-life and product efficiency. Which adds up to more efficient service for our clients?

We take particular pride in our warehousing operations. Our main warehouse is specially designed to withstand the rigors of the Sudanese climate to guarantee products freshness.
Customized air conditioners maintain temperatures from 15º – 25º degrees Centigrade, in addition to a cold room for products that need refrigeration. 

Sales Force

Within the company itself the work culture is based on professional attitudes and teamwork, our company is keeping continuous efforts to invest enormous human and financial resources in the field of promotion. Our marketing and sales facilities are as follows:
· No. of sales force 71.
· No. of cars 80.
· No. of regional branch offices 4. 

Administrative divisions
26 states (wilayat, singular - wilayah); A'ali an Nil, Al Bahr al Ahmar, Al Buhayrat, Al Jazirah, Al Khartum, Al Qadarif, Al Wahdah, An Nil al Abyad, An Nil al Azraq, Ash Shamaliyah, Bahr al Jabal, Gharb al Istiwa'iyah, Gharb Bahr al Ghazal, Gharb Darfur, Gharb Kurdufan, Janub Darfur, Janub Kurdufan, Junqali, Kassala, Nahr an Nil, Shamal Bahr al Ghazal, Shamal Darfur, Shamal Kurdufan, Sharq al Istiwa'iyah, Sinnar, Warab

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