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Trusts fail to monitor impact of patients' complaints
Zosia Kmietowicz - 12 October 2007

Results from the first ever audit of complaint handling done by England's national health watchdog, the Healthcare Commission, show that the way in which complaints are followed up by trusts varies greatly.

Emergency patients should see consultant in 12 hours Zosia Kmietowicz - 12 October 2007

Nearly four in 10 patients who are admitted to hospital as emergencies receive suboptimal care that in many cases is detrimental to their outcome. This is the finding of a study from the National Confidential Inquiry into Patient Outcome and Death (NCEPOD).

Nobel prize is awarded for work leading to "knockout mouse"

Geoff Watts - 12 October 2007

The award of the 2007 Nobel prize in physiology to three gene technologists has been widely applauded by biologists, although the animal rights lobby is less than enthusiastic because the creation of the "knockout mouse" reversed a fall in the number of experiments carried out each year on animals.

Scientists welcome ruling on breast cancer gene
Rory Watson - 12 October 2007

The European Patent Office has rejected an appeal by a US drug company and the University of Utah against an earlier decision revoking the patent concerning the BRCA1 gene and its applications.

Flu vaccine does not reduce hospitaal admissions in elderly
Roger Dobson - 12 October 2007

Relying on the influenza vaccine to control pressure on UK hospitals each winter is unlikely to work, a new report published in the journal Vaccine concludes.

Doctors should "just do it" to implement clinical visions
Robert Short - 12 October 2007

Doctors have to seize the initiative and make the changes they think are needed if clinical excellence is to be put at the centre of NHS reforms, a conference was told last week.

"Gay bomb" and BMJauthors win Ig Nobel prizes
Jeanne Lenzer - 12 October 2007

This year's Ig Nobel awards - given for science that "first makes you laugh, then makes you think" - were given to recipients from five continents by six winners of the actual Nobel prize at Harvard University last week.

UK is failing heavily addicted smokers
Susan Mayor - 12 October 2007

A new report from the Royal College of Physicians warns that heavily addicted smokers do not receive enough support to help them quit. It proposes that a new nicotine regulatory authority be established to oversee all aspects of regulation of nicotine products and to coordinate efforts to end the advantage that cigarettes currently have in the marketplace over alternative products such as gums and patches.

Bristol-Myers Squibb made to pay $515m to settle US lawsuits
Anice Hopkins-Tanne - 12 October 2007

Drug company Bristol-Myers Squibb and its subsidiary Apothecon have agreed to pay more than $515m (£255m; ˆ365m) in a settlement with the US Department of Justice and the Office of the United States Attorney for Massachusetts to resolve allegations involving their drug marketing and pricing practices.

Review shows no evidence that individualised herbal treatments are effective
Susan Mayor - 12 October 2007

A systematic review published in the Postgraduate Medical Journal concludes that no good evidence exists that individually tailored prescriptions of a mixture of herbs are effective.

German pharmacists are investigated for using unregistered drugs in chemotherapy
Annette Tuffs - 12 October 2007

ore than 100 pharmacists in Germany have been investigated for importing drugs not registered in Germany for use in the preparation of intravenous chemotherapy.
Mother asks surgeons to perform hysterectomy on daughter with cerebral palsy
Clare Dyer - 12 October 2007

The High Court in London may be asked to decide whether a 15 year old girl with cerebral palsy and severe learning disabilities should have a hysterectomy at the request of her mother.

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